Symposium 2024 Topics

Exploring Diverse Themes and Insights

1️⃣ Unraveling the paradox of Africa’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria, nestled just a stone’s throw away from Kenya’s only rainforest in Kakamega. How does this juxtaposition stack up against other Kenyan tourist hotspots?

2️⃣ Delving into the pull motivation factors that drive tourists’ loyalty to the Lake Victoria Region Tourism Circuit. What draws travelers to this enchanting destination?

3️⃣ Is Kisumu and Western Kenya primed to rival the tourism intensity of popular destinations like Mombasa, Kilifi, and Nairobi? Let’s examine the readiness and potential of this region to emerge as a top-tier tourist hub.

4️⃣ Who holds the reins in shaping travel tour decisions, and what factors sway their choices? We’ll uncover the key influencers and evaluate if Kisumu and Western Kenya have what it takes to win over travelers.

5️⃣ Exploring the five stages of perception and how they shape the tourist experience. How does the world perceive Kisumu and Western Kenya as a destination?

6️⃣ Leveraging the successes of Africities 2022 and the upcoming Festac Festivals 2024 to fuel sustainable tourism demand in Kisumu. Let’s chart a course for making Kisumu a premier conferencing and tourist destination!

7️⃣ The symposium also delves into Kenya’s aviation landscape. Discussions center on strategies to bolster Kisumu’s appeal to international airlines, potentially through infrastructure enhancements, marketing campaigns, route expansions, and collaborations with airlines and the challenges faced by Kisumu International Airport, despite its ranking as the fourth busiest in Kenya. The goal is to boost Kisumu’s international traffic and elevate its competitiveness in East Africa.

Experience Kisumu & Western Kenya Symposium 2024

5th July 2024 at Lovely Garden Guest Home, Kisumu

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